Goethe-Institut Indonesia Invites Aspiring Indonesian Filmmakers to Make Short Films in Germany

“Mentored by Oscar-winning German filmmakers, Pepe Danquart and Bernd Schoch from University of Fine Arts Hamburg, this program is designed for young filmmakers to embark on a challenging journey to encounter a place and tell the story of this place in a short time.”

As part of the project “5 Islands, 5 Villages“, Goethe-Institut Indonesia and InDocs are calling for filmmakers to apply to a film program that allows five Indonesian filmmakers to spend three weeks in an appointed village in Germany to create a short film.

Mentored by Oscar-winning German filmmakers, Pepe Danquart and Bernd Schoch from University of Fine Arts Hamburg, this program is designed for young filmmakers to embark on a challenging journey to encounter a place and tell the story of this place in a short time.

Five German film students have completed this journey by visiting five Indonesian islands in 2016. The short films they created are very intriguing and daring.

It’s now our turn to take the chance and be bold!

The Process:

  1. Call for Applications: Download the application form here and submit completed application, your CV, photo, and links to previous works to indocs.workshop@gmail.com before 15 January 2017.
  2. The Selection process will be conducted by Goethe-Institut Jakarta, In-Docs, and University of Fine Arts Hamburg between January 15- 31, 2017.
  3. 15 pre-selected filmmakers will be announced on February 1, 2017. Fifteen filmmakers will have the opportunity to join a 3-day workshop with Pepe Danquart and Bernd Schoch at Goethe-Institut Jakarta in the last week of February.
  4. At the end of the workshop, five Indonesian filmmakers will be selected to join the second phase of the 5 Islands / 5 Villages program, which will consist of

– Preparation before traveling to Germany

– 3-week program in Germany (April-May 2017)

– Post-production in Indonesia (May-October 2017)

  1. The five Indonesian filmmakers will travel to Germany. Their first stop is Hamburg, to get some orientation at University of Fine Arts Hamburg and also receive filming equipment for the time of their stay. After that, each filmmaker will be accompanied by an English-speaking film student/fixer to their destination village. The filmmakers will live with a German family during their stay in the village for almost three weeks. The filmmakers will conduct their research and production of their short documentary film without any additional crew members. The topic, the story, the angle, the design, and the production of the short documentary will be decided on the spot by each filmmaker. The production also has to be completed within the filmmaker’s stay in the village, as he/she will not have another opportunity to re-visit the village.
  2. At the end of their stay in Germany, the selected five Indonesian filmmakers will join a public presentation along with the German filmmakers from the first project phase to show the 5 Islands films and to discuss the journey of “5 Islands,5 Villages”. They can express what is most surprising, most useful, most unexpected, and most exciting about the experience.
  3. The five filmmakers return to Indonesia and finish the postproduction of their short documentaries in Indonesia (until October 2017), with long-distance mentorship from Pepe Danquart and Bernd Schoch.
  4. The films will be shown in Indonesia together as “5 Islands, 5 Villages”.
  5. The films will be promoted in a festival circuit and then community screenings.
  6. A DVD Box will be made for this project, and it will be distributed non-commercially by Goethe Institute

If you are selected, Goethe-Institut Indonesia will cover the costs of travel to attend the workshop in Jakarta and the costs of travel and stay in Germany for the prescribed amount of time. Some dates are still to be decided, but once you apply, you are committed to attending all mandatory workshops, otherwise the selection is canceled.

This workshop is an opportunity for Indonesian filmmakers to cross boundaries; both physical location boundaries as well as aesthetics and forms. It is a way to explore what beyond what is currently imaginable. The film program also includes exercises and homework that have to be carried out by the filmmakers independently in their own homes before going to Germany.

We are looking for bold filmmakers who are open to new ideas, sensitive to culture differences, independent and committed to the time required to attend the workshops, to conduct the production, and to complete the films. English is the working language of the workshop and the production, so ability in writing and speaking in English is necessary.

The program mainly addresses filmmakers who already have completed one or two short films in any form, but have not yet completed feature-length works.

About The Projects and Partners

The open call is part of the project “5 Islands, 5 Villages” initiated by Goethe Institut and University of Fine Arts Hamburg, which explores different ways of viewing periphery and distance, time and temporality through the medium of documentary filmmaking. During a first phase, young filmmakers from the University of Fine Arts Hamburg immersed themselves in life on five different Indonesian islands, some of them very remote, in March 2016. They were accompanied by young cultural anthropologists from Universitas Indonesia. The second phase of the project, Indonesian filmmakers are invited to spend a short time living and working in different villages in Germany.

The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute, active worldwide. We promote the study of German abroad and encourage international cultural exchange. More information on the work of Goethe Institut in Indonesia: www.goethe.de/indonesia

In-Docs creates breakthrough programs that will improve the capacity of Indonesian filmmakers, improves access for Indonesian audience to watch documentaries, and connects documentary films to strategic partners that help the films achieve strong impact in the society. www.in-docs.org

The University of Fine Arts Hamburg (Hochschule für bildende Künste HFBK) is the Hamburg state academy of higher artistic and scientific education. With its wide range of subjects, the HFBK offers the opportunity to study for interdisciplinary artistic and scientific qualifications. http://www.hfbk-hamburg.de


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