PICturePLay is a platform for moviegoers to have discussions about movies. We offer insightful perspectives and opinions, through reviews, feature articles, or “Play with Movies”.

PICturePlay consists of people with colorful background, but we have one (or two) thing(s) in common, passion and love for movies. We love movies, regardless of the genre, language, or nationality. We see movies as an entertainment and escapism, but somehow there are times we’d love to see them as an art.

As our tagline stated,” I See Movies As A Playground“, we’d love to “play around” with diverse and various point of views.

Our opinions (especially reviews) are not absolute. Read ours and we want to know yours!



I See Movies As A Playground







  1. Blognya keren banget. Disamping reviewnya juga bagus, banyak pengetahuannya, juga, semacam teori-teori yang gua belum pernah baca sebelumnya. Namun, terkadang, blog ini terlalu serius. Selipin humornya dikit, lah.



    1. Terima kasih atas masukannya. Siap! Sedang disiapkan tulisan-tulisan yang mengandung humor. Kayak di review DPO, paling tidak. Selama ini seringnya melucu lewat akun Twitter @Picture_Play. Follow, ya! Terima kasih sudah mampir di blog PICturePlay 🙂



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